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Phone:  (585) 234-0359
Email:   rochesternysa@gmail.com

Those seeking help for themselves may attend our open meeting or call (585) 234-0359 and leave a message requesting additional information.  An SA member will return such calls discretely.  We are interested in attraction to not promotion of – our fellowship and we do not seek media or other attention to our program. SA members value their anonymity which is necessary in our ability to help others and also due to the sensitive nature of sexual addiction. 

For more information about the benefits of working the SA 12 Step program for recovery from sexual addiction, attend our open meeting listed below.

(UPDATED 7/25/2021)
DUE to the Coronavirus and its impacts on the Rochester Area we have made adjustments in our meeting formats.
We are carefully following Federal, State, and County guidelines restrictions as we transition to in person meetings.
The details on the in-person Open meeting are listed below.

Meeting Secretaries will communicate the details of Zoom meetings to SA members.

SA Rochester Open Meeting:
Primary Purpose


Tuesdays from 7:30 - 8:30 PM

Community of the Savior

4 E. Henrietta Road
Rochester, NY 14620

Use back door under awning
Take Left and round corner,
Take 1st right to end of hallway.

Please note: Due to a scheduling conflict, the Tuesday Open Meeting will be unavailable on August 17, 2021.
We are exploring alternative physical meeting locations, but in any case a Zoom meeting will be held that day.
You can call (585) 234-0359 to get information on the Zoom link.